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Deposits & Payments

I am taking deposits. 

Everyone will pick a puppy in order of deposit received.

If the litter does not produce what you want, or the timing is not good you can wait for another litter until you get what you want.


Current wait time on Maltepoos is 2 years

Current wait time on Morkies is 2 years

Maltese wait time is 2 years

Toy Poodles wait time is 12 - 18 months


 Minimum deposit is $200


Deposits can be placed on hold and reapplied at later time

When making a deposit or payment on your puppy be sure to email me what your deposit/payment is for:

  • Maltepoo, Morkie, Maltese, Toy Poodle?

  • Male or Female or no preference?

  • Any color preferences?


Thank you

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